Stainless steel is more robust than plastic which is why all our Kawa industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaners feature a stainless steel drum.

Stainless steel is an alloy with about 13% chromium content. Apart from having a more attractive appearance, stainless steel also has high strength and hardness compared to most metals as well as having a higher corrosion resistance - all the properties that makes it perfect for our industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaner drums.

There is a slight downside to using a metallic drum in a wet & dry vacuum cleaner application and that's when the drum is used to vacuum dry debris.

Swirling dirt and debris inside the drum would eventually generate enough static electricity which has no where to go due to the fact the Kawa vacuum cleaners are double-insulated and are splash-resistant (IPX-4 rating).

What's the 'tail' got to do with it?
The short chain 'tail' is there to ground the built-up of static electricity safely to ground, much like how a ground strap works, thus reducing the likelihood of the operator getting a shock.

We have however noticed during our testing that the grounding of static electricity only works when it's on, and actually dragging on, a cemented floor. Use it on an insulated flooring such as carpeted and epoxy-painted floors and you're out of luck.

What's the alternative solution?
The operator can just make a mental note not to touch the drum during operation and during storage - the static electricity will dissipate by itself.

Alternatively, The other solution to not vaccum dry - just pour in some water into the drum or vacuum up some water to moisten the debris inside the drum and that it! You can simply hose down everything once you're done.