Your Karcher pressure washer isn't just limited to cleaning the patio and the family car, paired with a Karcher Telescopic Spray Lance and an optional FJ6 Foam Jet attachment and a Universal Cleaning detergent, your double-storey house too can enjoy the joys of a thorough foam cleaning as you pre-soak with a foam blanket and blasts off the years of grime and weathering from the walls.

The Telescopic Spray Lance also takes the majority of weight (2.3kg) off your hands with an ergonomic shoulder strap while the lance itself can easily be extended from 1.2-metres right up to 4-metres in length allowing it to reach right up to the nooks and crannies blasting out all the cobwebs.

Apart from walls, the lance also is great for cleaning windows and signboards and it's compatible with the Karcher K2.050 and K2.360 right up to the K4 and K5 Premium including the two latest K4 and K5 Premium Full Control models. Unfortunately, K2.420 Air Con owners are out of luck as the K2.420 Air Con uses a different style of connector.

Note: You might also want to wear eye protection as debris including peeling paint can sometimes flake off during cleaning.