The idea of salvaging an electric motor from a washing machine for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects isn't new as it's a relatively high-torque motor and as pointed out in this YouTube video, fairly cheap and easily sourced. It's not just limited to a bench grinder, you could even make a belt sander with the right wheels and pulleys. The possibilities are endless.

However, unless you already have some basic mechanical and electrical skills as well as access to a fair amount of tools, building your own tools might end up costing more in the sum of parts or consumables required to repurpose a particular machine - and no, you don't get the 6- or 12-months warranty either.

Speaking of which, if you missed the earlier announcement, Bosch Malaysia recently re-introduced their bench grinder with the addition of the new 350-watt and 600-watt GBG 35-15 and GBG 60-20 bench grinders.