During the recent Bosch Power Tools Dealer Conference 2017 held on 29 July, 2017 in Puchong, Robert Bosch Malaysia announced new additions to their power tool line-up with five new models for the Contractor's Choice (CoC), seven Heavy Duty models (HD), three AquaTak models and two accessories.

The CoC features two existing models for their 12V cordless power tool range, the Bosch GSR 120-LI and GDR 120-LI in a repackaged combo set with softbag that includes two 1.5Ah batteries and a GAL 1210 CV charger priced at RM499.

Moving to the 18V CoC range, Bosch introduced the GDS 250-LI 1/2-inch cordless impact driver that comes with two 3.0Ah battery packs and an AL 1820 CV charger for RM619. The GDS 250-LI has a max torque output of 250Nm, ABR feature which avoid nuts from falling off during scaffolding disassembly and a robust gearbox for longer tool life.

The other highlight is the Bosch GBH 180-LI cordless rotary hammer set complete with two 3.0Ah battery packs and an AL 1820 CV charger for RM999. The GBH 180-LI features the same impact energy as a corded hammer drill/driver. At this price-point, we believe that the GBH 180-LI would be a game-changer in the industry both for a hammer drill/driver and especially so for a cordless tool.

The other new additions include Bosch GSB 180-LI cordless impact drill set that comes with two 1.5Ah batteries and an AL 1814 CV charger for RM549 while the Bosch GLI 180-LI Solo cordless work light is the most affordable Bosch 18V cordless at RM129. The Bosch GKS 600 Professional circular saw is also a new addition to the CoC and retails for RM429.

For the Heavy Duty 18V range, the GBH 18 V-26 Solo cordless rotary hammer features more power and comfort with a higher impact energy of 2.6 joules (J) with a larger chuck size to accomodate hammer drill bits from 4 to 26mm priced at RM1,149 While the GDE 18V-16 Professional system accessory allows for dust-free drilling with GBH 18V-26 and retails for RM429.

The GSA 18V-32 Professional Solo cordless sabre saw features Bosch's EC brushless motor with a cutting depth of up to 230mm in wood. The GSA 18V-32 retails for RM1,299. Bosch also re-introduce their bench grinder offerings in the form of the Bosch GBG 35-15 and GBG 60-20 that retails for RM429 and RM509 respectively.

Bosch updated their 4-inch Bosch GWS 900-100 angle grinder offering with a 2,800 to 10,000rpm variable speed control dubbed the GWS900-100S. The GWS 900-100S will sell alongside the GWS 900-100 but will replace the outgoing Bosch GWS 8-100 CE Professional.

On the vacuum front, Bosch's latest GAS 15 PS wet/dry vacuum cleaner features a 15-litre tank  and has power outlet to concurrently power a corded tool such as a circular saw. The GAS 15 PS also allows for easy shifting between vacuuming and blowing. The GAS 15 PS is also compatible with both universal household and professional dust bags and is priced at RM779.

On their Aquatak range, Bosch introduced the Aquatak 125, 130 and the induction motor-powered Aquatak 150 for RM746, RM944 and RM2,310 respectively.

To recap, these are the list of tools launched this quarter, we believe Bosch's new range of tools brings about better value to the industry while setting the bar higher in the segment for better price-performance tools and at the same time, reinforces their position in the market.

Contractor's Choice range:
1. Bosch GDS 250-LI 1/2-inch 18V impact driver
2. Bosch GBH 180-LI 18V rotary hammer set
3. Bosch GSB 180-LI 18V impact drill set
4. Bosch GLI 180-LI Solo 18V cordless work light
5. Bosch GKS 600 Professional 6-inch circular saw

For the Heavy Duty range:
6. Bosch GBH 18 V-26 Solo 18V rotary hammer
7. Bosch GSA 18V-32 Professional Solo 18V sabre saw
8. Bosch GBG 35-15 350-watts 6-inch bench grinder
9. Bosch GBG 60-20 600-watts 8-inch bench grinder
10. Bosch 36 V-LI Plus 36V rotary hammer
11. Bosch GWS900-100S 4-inch 900-watts angle grinder
12. Bosch GAS 15 PS 15-litre 1,100-watts wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Aquatak high-pressure cleaner:
13. Aquatak 125 125-bar
14. Aquatak 130 130-bar
15. Aquatak 150 150-bar induction motor