Analogue vernier calipers have been the de-facto standard for a very long time when you need precision in your work and is especially useful for machining use. The problem with an analogue caliper is their somewhat slow and tricky method of reading the value compared to a straight-forward and more accurate, large digital read-out on digital caliper. So speed and accuracy is obviously a major reason to purchase a digital caliper.

But what digital caliper?
The market today is flooded with generic Chinese-made digital calipers as well with one particular Japanese brand being the dominating brand in terms of absolute precision. Obviously precision comes at a price - that is, at least six to seven times the price of a generic digital caliper. The Rewin RKC-0150 falls inbetween these two extremes - offering precision and repeatability without breaking the bank!

The Rewin RKC-0150 as its model name would suggest, comes in the popular 150mm length and offers measurements in both milimetre and inches at a resolution of 0.01mm and 0.0005 inches. The RKC-0150 also feature a thumb roller, zero-setting and a data output port.

With its solid stainless steel construction, the RKC-0150 offers smooth, repeatable performance and while it's not resistant to coolant or spills, it is also far cheaper to replace should it get damaged.

So how well does the Rewin RKC-0150 measures up?
Obviously, the most important thing with a digital caliper (or any measurement tool for that matter) is how well, or more precisely, how accurately and repeatable its measurements are. So for this test, we measured a spark plug wire gauge to determine the accuracy of the Rewin digital caliper and re-measured several spots of a new impact socket for repeatability.

We tested the RKC-0150 for precision against a set value of a spark plug wire feeler gauge from 0.86mm right up 1.02mm and the RKC-0150 was just 0.01mm off some of the time. We also measured the outside diameter (OD) of an Imperial 1 1/8-inch impact socket to test for repeatability and again, the RKC-0150 was only off by 0.01 to 0.02mm with the outside diameter measuring in at 39.90mm to 39.92mm at the same spot.

The internal 1/2-inch square drive, measured with the RKC-0150's internal calipers, yields a repeatable 12.86mm to 12.87mm while the internal varied somewhat due to the manufacturer's tolerances but was within the 28.575mm for a 1 1/8-inch socket. In both the internal and external measurements, the RKC-0150 was closed and the socket re-measured at the same spot.

Should you consider the Rewin RKC-0150 digital caliper?

While there's no replacement for absolute accuracy, we find that the Rewin RKC-0150 holds its own when it comes to being accurate about things. At RM99 inclusive of GST, we feel that the Rewin Digital Caliper represent a good value for its price and offers good repeatability and accuracy to get most measurements done right down to 0.01mm. We also feel that sometimes not having to 'baby' a tool is itself an investment.