We get it, that four alphanumeric brand name just lingers on your mind whenever you're looking for a can of multi-use spray lubricant - you gotta hand it to the Americans when it comes to branding! Don’t get us wrong though, it’s a great product, but realistically, the current Ringgit-Dollar exchange rate doesn’t do justice for us Malaysians.

I personally can’t justify paying RM13 to RM21 for a 277ml can of multi-use lubricant. So what’s the alternative you ask? Well, there’s the Rewin RCX-400 De-Rust Lubricating Spray.
On the label side, the Rewin RCX-400 may even look somewhat similar to that familiar brand of penetrating lubricant and the similarities doesn't just end there, the RCX-400 offers comparable lubricating properties, similar moisture displacement capabilities, it loosens rusty nuts, bolts including sticky padlocks just as easily but comes at a significantly lower price point of RM8 for a large 400ml can.
There’s one minor difference though, we think it smells a whole lot more pleasant.. So why not give it a try today?
For trivia lovers, the 'de-rust' in the name is a literal translation from the Chinese "fáng xiù" (防锈) which should technically mean 'anti-rust'. As for the "400", that's the total content of 400ml, not ‘400’ attempts to get it right!