Ever had to throw one of those aerosol cans with contents in it simply because you can't get the remaining content out? Well, here's a simple fix for that.. We tested "inflating" a flat aerosol can with some remaining penetrating oil in it and while it does work to get the remaining contents out of the can, the spray pattern varied somewhat due to the slightly lower pressure we used but it still work okay.

As we didn't know the exact pressure rating of the specific aerosol can, we err towards the side of caution an only pumped it up to 30-50psi at room temperature while cautiously watching for signs of deformation on the can. You can always re-pressurise the can if the air runs out, so we would suggest against 'over-inflating' the can. As shown in the video, be sure to label the new content clearly.

As a side note; the manufacturer might fill the can with an inert gas instead of compressed air, so your content might oxidise if it's sensitive to air. Instead of using an empty can of brake cleaner to refill penetrating oil, we would also suggest that you only refill the can with the same type of content if possible.

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