This story might be hard to believe but it's true; One day, we came in to our warehouse and found a new addition to our Kawa industrial vacuum cleaner family - our baby Kawa 30-litre wet and dry vacuum cleaner sprouted an additional power outlet under our top-secret Kawa vacuum cleaner breeding programme.

In addition to the power outlet with a splash-proof spring-loaded cover, there is also a three-way insulated rocker switch. We quickly realise that the newly-sprouted 13-amp British 3-pin plug is capable of powering a corded power tool - acting both as a vacuum cleaner and a handy extension cord.

Since we didn't feel like replacing our tried and tested ZD10-30L, we decided to market this new addition alongside it and rather unimaginatively call it the ZD10A-30L.

Oh-kays, so what does the additional plug do..?

The three-way insulated rocker switch has a "O", "I" and "II". "O" is well, obviously, off. "I" acts like a normal on/off switch and does not supply power to the external socket while "II" will only power up the ZD10A-30L when a [connected] corded tool is switched on (after 2-seconds and will remain on for another 8-seconds before switching the ZD10A-30L off).

The 8-second delay feature allows the ZD10A-30L to be used in conjunction with anything from a circular saw to quickly vacuum up from wood fibres in a wood-working shop environment or with a rotary hammer drill to locally-contain concrete dust at a jobsite and allow enough time once the corded tool stops running to thoroughly clean up the debris.

Why only 8-seconds delay?

We thought about having a 5-seconds delay, but '8' is a more prosperous number.

Did we mention it's IPX4-rated?

Much like the older but ever-popular Kawa ZD10-30L, the new Kawa ZD10A-30L is equipped with the same proven 1,000-watt motor and a tough 30-litre wet and dry stainless steel drum that is unaffected by even industrial sludge.

The Kawa ZD10A-30L is Sirim-approved and carries a manufacturer's one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The ZD10A-30L also has an IPX4-rating that protects the enclosed 1,000-watt motor unit from water splashes from any directions.

Apart from a washable (and replaceable) wet-dry filter basket, the ZD10A-30L also comes with a brush-, crevice- and floor/carpet-tool together with a stainless tube and flexible hose as standard accessories. The ZD10A-30L retails for RM495 from our CT Hardware retail outlets within the Klang Valley or from our online store!