Mention the Makita MT line and you're usually greeted with a less-than-enthusiastic response not because the Makita MT line is lacking in quality but rather eclipsed by Makita's more interesting line up. Today's review is focused on the Makita MT M4001G blower. From the shape alone, the M4001G has a more 'conventional' blower shape when compared to the older M4000G which has its intake facing the exhaust port rather than beside it.

M4001G vs M4000G.
While the M4000G's air volume of 1.2-2.9m³/min @ 8,500-16,000rpm, is acceptable as far as a corded blower is concerned, it pales in comparison to the M4001G. Despite having the same maximum 16,000rpm speed, the M4001G pushes out a max air volume of 4.1m³/min @ 16,000rpm from its 600-watt motor. Even with a minor 13% bump in motor power, the M4001G produces some 41% more air volume over the M4000G's 530-watt motor.

M4001G vs UB1103.. What's the difference?
The ironic thing is the M4001 has the same power rating, motor specifications including dimensions and shape as the Makita UB1103 blower. This isn't a coincidence, in fact, the Makita MT M4001G is the Makita UB1103.

It is said that Makita tools are so well designed that even as the company discontinues the model, it will still give most existing tools on the market a run for their money. So as a tool manufacturer, it'd be quite silly to simply throw everything away and only concentrate on the latest cutting-edge tools - Makita's clever solution is the Makita MT line which are essentially Makita's older (or sometimes existing) models which are rebadged as the MT series and with manufacturing shifting to Makita's factory in China as a cost-saving option.

While the factories may be in China, it is important to understand that it is owned by Makita, not a Chinese third-party. It's also worth pointing out that Makita has a few factories worldwide rather than just in Japan.

Other than the slightly different plastic material (which feels just as robust), the change from a teal to dark grey colour and the different name designation, the M4001G is the exactly the same UB1103 minus the hefty price tag - hence the value of the Makita MT series.

What's it like?
Coupled with the rubberised grip which offers two positions of holding the M4001G - either from the top or from the back, the M4001G feels lighter in the hand than its claimed 2.0kg weight. When paired with its rubber nozzle and cord, it still manages to get it below the 2.2kg limit.

The M4001G is also relatively low vibration even at the maximum output and feature a variable output trigger with a an adjustable variable output dial - a feature we really like. Carbon brush replacements is also a quick swap thanks to its relatively accessible location on both sides of the motor.

Makita also incorporated some "feets" into the M4001G's housing which allows the unit to also doubles up as a mini floor blower. Our only gripe would be the rather short 2.0-meter long cable - this is minor issue across manufacturers and is easily fixed with an extension cord.

What's in the box?
Like most manufacturers, Makita has also included a dust bag which when connected to the output side with the nozzle on the intake side, turns the M4001G into a makeshift vacuum cleaner. Again, we're not a fan of using the blower as a vacuum cleaner simply because there's potential for debris to clog or damage the impeller - and unless you're only using it for outdoors not for detailing work on the car, debris can also get clogged within the housing and blow out as you're blowing dry the car.

If you need a vacuum cleaner, get a vacuum cleaner. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner retails for around the same price and would do a better job at vacuuming than a blower ever could.

We understand that Makita Malaysia is pricing the Makita MT M4001G at a recommended retail price (RRP) of RM365. However, when you compare the M4001G to the Makita UB1103, you realise that there's not much of a price difference between the two.

While the Makita MT M4001G ticks every check boxes when it comes to a great blower tool, we're somewhat dissapointed at the disparity between the M4001G's sticker price to its Makita MT designation especially considering that the competition is offering their premium offering at around this price range with similar price-performance envelopes. One redeeming factor however is in the warranty with both Makita and Makita MT line carrying the same 1-year warranty.

Air speed: 0-91m/s
Air volume: 0-4.1m³/min
Continuous rating input: 600w
No load speed: 0-16,000rpm
Power supply cord: 2.0m
Weight: 2.0kg