In typical Makita fashion, there's not just one or two variations of cordless 18V impact drill driver with 13mm chuck size but a bewildering sixteen models separated into two main groups, brushed and brushless motors, hammer and non-hammer and yet another grouping for different torque outputs. Sub-models include a 2-pole brushed motor as well as a 1/4-inch hex chuck unit.

Right in the middle.
The most popular pick from this bunch however is the Makita DHP482, a brushed four-pole motor impact drill that delivers a versatile 62/36Nm of fastening torque through its 2-speed gearbox with a max speed of 1,900rpm with 28,500bpm in the high-speed setting with a 21-torque setting for the clutch.

Equally suitable for drilling in wood, metal, masonry or concrete, the DHP482's 13mm chuck is capable of chucking 2mm bits right up to 13mm in concrete and metal and up to 38mm in wood.

The 13mm keyless chuck also tightens with a solid click indicating that the bits are already snugged while the clutch has a soft, non-audible clicks as it cycles through the indicated odd numbers on the collar from 1 to 21. The secondary mode selector collar has an audible click between the "hammer", "drill" and "screw" functions.

The DHP482's clutch is also very light, while "5" or "6" would suffice on other makes, you'd need to up it to "8" or "9" to ensure it doesn't slip too early. We felt the light clutch is a good thing as this prevents the screw bit from either camming out (if you're using a Philips bit) or ending up with stripped threads (if you're using a socket adaptor) on metal.

Get a grip!
Right out of the box, what we really like about the DHP482 is the rubberised design which provides a comfortable grip as well as protects the tool from bumps during the daily grind. We're quite impressed with the DHP482's twin LED job lights which does a great job at illuminating the immediate work area. The LEDs also auto-dims 10-seconds after the trigger is released. Additionally, you can lightly pull the trigger to activate the pre-glow function to momentarily illuminate your workspace.

What's with the Z?
The DHP482Z (the "Z" denotes tool only) weighs in right under the 1.2kg mark and when paired with a Makita 18V 3.0Ah lithium-ion pack, the DHP482 weighs in at around 1.8kg. Part of the weight is also attributed to the DHP482's all-metal gearbox that promises extra durability over non-metallic gearboxes.

The DHP482 is also blessed with Makita's Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) that makes the tool more resistant to dust and water ingress in harsh jobsite conditions. Makita claims the XPT is a protective seal inside the tool itself which provides protection from dust and dripping water by channelling water and dust from the drill's key internal components making it equally suitable for use in outdoor applications or harsh environments.

In operation, the DHP482 does tend to generate a buzzing sound but runs exceptionally smooth even in impact driving/drilling mode. We however noticed the air exiting the DHP482 tend to to run hot especially in the lower gear or in low-speed applications. Makita claims this is perfectly normal as it due to the higher efficiency of the fan at extracting the hot air from the motor.

Speaking of running hot, we also did a simulated water droplet test into the ports and the DHP482 doesn't seem to be affected by the water droplets. While the DHP482 is water and dust resistant, the battery pack isn't. Makita however sells an optional battery protector as an added level of security against dust and water ingress.

Overall, the Makita DHP482Z does everything it says on the box and would make a great cordless impact drill/driver in any toolbox. Our only gripe is the higher asking price versus the competition. Unless you already own an existing Makita 18V eco-system, it's a smarter option to grab the kits such as the Makita DHP482RFE that comes with two 3.0Ah batteries and a rapid charger.


Voltage: 18v
Soft Application Max Torque (Nm): 36
Hard Application Max Torque (Nm): 62
Torque Settings: 21 + Drill
Brake Type: Electric
No. of Gears: 2
LED Job Light: Yes / Twin / Pre-glow & After-glow
Battery Capacity Indicator: No
Battery Compatibility: 18v Lithium-Ion (LXT)
Rotation: Forward / Reverse
Variable Speed Control Trigger: Yes
No Load Speed (RPM) High: 0-1900
No Load Speed (RPM) Med: N/A
No Load Speed (RPM) Low: 0-600
Chuck Type: 3-Jaw / Single Sleeve Keyless
Chuck Capacity (mm): 13
Screw Capacity: Machine Screw (mm): 6
Screw Capacity: Wood Screw (mm): 10 x 90
Drill Capacity: Concrete (mm): 13
Drill Capacity: Metal (mm): 13
Drill Capacity: Wood (mm): 38
Impact Rate (BPM) High: 0-28500
Impact Rate (BPM) Med: N/A
Impact Rate (BPM) Low: 0-9000
Overall Length (mm): 198