Ever come across those annoying leaky pneumatic lines? Well, here's a quick fix - just flip the O-ring!

The best solutions are usually the easiest and fastest fix and in this instance, it's even free.. apart from a wrench and a pair of locking pliers (for this particular application, even a non-locking pliers, like the Rewin RS3610, should work just fine), unfasten the quick-release coupling, flip the O-ring and you're back in business - without leaky air lines!

You don't really need a vice for this fix but it's always nice to have one handy for other projects that requires you to have the work piece securely clamped down and Irwin Record vices are just perfect for the task at hand.

CT Hardware Top-tip: Once you get the O-ring out, measure it out and go hunt for spares so once that O-ring wears, you can simply replace it.