While the Malaysian government has been promoting Malaysia as a second home to expatriates, the reality for many Malaysians is that our car literally is our second home - We drive to work, drive out for the weekend getaway, eat, drink, hold mini-conferences and sometimes even sleep in our cars. And if you're a parent, you obviously know that kids and messy are inseparable.

It goes without saying that good 'car-keeping' should be on everyone's priority list. That's where the Kawa MightyVac 60 comes, or should we say, fits in.. The MightyVac 60, is a small handheld car vacuum cleaner that packs a punch with its powerful 60-watt motor that conveniently runs off your car's 12V cigarette lighter adaptor. The suction generated is strong enough to vacuum up your smartphone!
What about tight spaces and those pesky hard-to-reach crevices you ask? The MightyVac 60 comes included with a handy crevice attachment for those difficult-to-clean areas in your car and is equipped with a quick-release canister along with an easy-to-clean filter. It also comes with a 10-feet power cord and a 12V adaptor with a user replaceable fuse for added peace of mind. So isn't it about time you get a ride-along maid for your car?
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