As an owner of a Karcher pressure washer, the Karcher T-Racer surface cleaner might seem like an oddity just to clean floors, after all, the standard Vario Blaster or the Dirt Blaster is already included with each Karcher pressure washer and does an amazing job at cleaning horizontal or vertical surfaces.

So why would you consider the T-Racer?
The problem with blasting dirt off surfaces at high velocity is the fact that it would end up on nearby surfaces or yourself - so if you're cleaning your floors, chances are the walls might end up getting peppered with grime previously removed from the floor - which means you'll have to also clean the walls once you're done with the floor.

Housed within a shell.
Within its stingray-like shell, the T-Racer such as the T 450, houses three pressure nozzles; two nozzles mounted on a twin-jet rotating arms and one at the "tip" for hard-to-reach corners. By housing the high-pressure nozzles inside this housing, the T-Racer essentially limits the splashing to inside the housing. The downward nozzles also generates a hovercraft-effect which essentially floats the T-Racer over the surfaces.

Cleans in half the time!
Thanks to the T-Racer's nozzle head angle as well as the efficient twin-jet rotating arms, Karcher claims that the T-Racer essentially cleans in half the time compared to a standard spray lance.

Not just for floors.
The T-Racer can also be used on vertical surfaces, additionally, since the T-Racer has a downwards spray pattern, it can also be used to clean crushed stone and gravel surfaces such as those used in Japanese gardens, without blasting the stones and gravels everywhere. The output pressure can also be can be adjusted to suit hard or delicate surfaces.