Welflo WFSM405AX - the brainy one!

While not quite the 'LED display panel' like Samsung what is marketing with their 'LED TVs', the Welflo WFSM405AX smart centrifugal pump features a LED display panel that allows the user to both set and monitor the water pressure and pump working condition - This makes for an indispensable tool for troubleshooting water pressure-related problems allowing the user to quickly diagnose between a malfunctioning pump or clogged plumbings.

The Welflo WFSM405AX displaces the older Welflo HQSM405A and apart from the LED display and streamlined model naming convention, you still get the same legendary Welflo consistent water pressure coupled with legendary reliability, backed by a 36-months warranty!

The WFSM405AX features a powerful 400-watts motor capable of a max flow rate of 62-litres per  minute with a max head of 45-metres and a dry-running protection circuit. 

Coupled with a 1.25-inch (1 1/4-inch) input and outlet connection, the WFSM405AX is ideal for addressing poor water pressure in both domestic or light industrial applications.

Welflo WFSM60-series - Look, Ma.. No manual priming!

The Welflo WFSM60-series are compact, self-priming vortex pumps designed for situations where air entrainment regularly causes a loss of suction at the input line.

The self-priming feature simply means that both the WFSM60 and WFSM60A are capable of pumping water even with air pockets trapped inbetween the main water lines and the pump - This usually happens when you have pinhole air leaks in the input line (especially common with older pipes). 

WFSM60-series also feature a brass impeller and a stainless steel-sleeves in the pump body that eliminates potential impeller seizures from corrosion for greater pump reliability.

Additionally, the Welflo WFSM60A is equipped with a pressure tank that ensures consistent water pressure and a dry-running protection circuit that will stops the pump from running dry and possibly burning up your seals and damaging the pump.. Now that's what you call a smart pump! 

Equipped with a 1-inch inlet and outlet ports, the WFSM60-series is ideal for poor water pressure in domestic or light agricultural scenarios. Coupled with the low entry price, the WFSM60-series is also especially suitable for rented premises that suffer from low water pressure.

Rated at 370-watts, the WFSM60 has a max flow rate of 35-litres per minute with a max head of 35-metres, 1-inch inlet and outlet connections and comes with a 12-months warranty.

The Welflo WFSM60 and WFSM60A retails for RM424 and RM615 respectively while the Welflo WFSM405AX retails for RM954 inclusive of GST.