We just picked up this bit of news on Graco.com's US site showing a new range of Graco cordless tools now powered by DeWalt's XR Lithium Ion batteries.

The new range of DeWalt-powered Graco is split between the Ultra Cordless which is compatible with both water-based and mineral-based paints and the Ultra Max Cordless which can spray water-based, mineral-based and flammable-based paints.

While we have yet to get our hands on these new range of DeWalt-powered Graco cordless tools as well as final pricing, we have a hunch it should be compatible with existing DeWalt 18V batteries sold locally.

For more info on the Ultra Cordless and Ultra Max Cordless, browse to http://www.graco.com/us/en/products/ad/ultra-handheld.html. If you're interested in the DeWalt-powered Gracos, do drop us an email at info@cthardware.com.