As you may have learnt from our Karcher Roadshow last week, a pressure is an amazing tool to quickly cut down the time and effort it takes to wash your vehicle. Unfortunately, your Karcher pressure washer has the potential to cause problems down the road if you are not careful. Much like what Uncle Ben would tell Peter, "With great power, comes great responsibility!" So here's a few quick tips to get the best of your pressure washer.

Tip #1: Use only the Vario Power Spray wand and not the Dirt Blaster wand on your vehicles - and even so, you should avoid aiming directly at electricals, suspension components, O-ring chains, joints and seals - especially wheel bearing seals.

Tip #2: Use a detergent, like the Karcher Car & Bike Shampoo and FJ6 Foam Jet attachment to layer a blanket of foam on the car. Let this foam layer "sit" on the car or bike for a few minutes to saturate and loosen up the road grime and dead bugs prior to hosing off the gunk.

Similarly, if you're using a Puzzi spray-extraction cleaner either on your car upholstery or carpets, spray a thin layer, to saturate the covers (and not soak the cushioning), let sit for a few minutes, before vacuuming away the solution.

Tip #3: It's also important to note that no matter how powerful your pressure washer, you will still need a sponge or a microfibre cloth to shampoo over the surfaces to remove the thin layer of traffic film on painted surfaces. Waxing painted surfaces helps keep traffic film from clinging to painted surfaces.

Tip #4: If washing the engine bay, be sure to cover up air intake ports, fuse boxes and other sensitive electronics with a plastic bag and rubberband. Also, use a lower low to medium setting on the Vario Power Spray wand. Alternatively, you could also power wash the engine bay from a few feet away.

Tip #5: When done for the day, turn off the power, tap and depress the trigger to release any trapped pressurised water within the system. This will relief any built-up pressure within the system and prolong the life of your seals. If the pressure washer won't be used for a while, completely drain the unit prior to storage.