Here’s a trick question; how do you cut out a round hole in a marble or granite slab or a brick, concrete or even a tiled wall? In a pinch, you could go caveman with a hammer, chisel, round file and lots of time on your hands. It’s a hole, yes, but it’s still not a perfectly round hole.

Alternatively, you could  just use multiple drill bits to drill out and manually eyeball the hole with a round file – a tedious process which not only wears out a lot of drill bits and files, but also makes a mess of the entire work area, costing a lot of time and money in the process. It’s still far from a perfectly round hole!

Obviously, there’s more than one way to cut out a hole but our Accubit Diamond Core Bits doesn’t just accurately cut out a hole, it makes coring a one-step process – available in sizes between 6mm to 25mm for use with a drill or 16mm to 50mm for use with an angle grinder, the Diamond Core Bits not only ensures a professional finish but also improves work efficiency by eliminating redundancy in the work-flow.

The long-life Diamond Core Bits typically lasts up to approximately 30 holes with proper cooling and lubrication - a fraction of the total cost spent on drill bits. Also, our Diamond Core Bits work with standard ¼-inch hex or round drill chuck and threaded grinder arbour. Browse for our full range of Accubit coring bits at