CT Hardware Sdn Bhd managing director, Seen Chia Toong with Fabbritory founder and head fabricator, Izlina Ismail after the MoU signing ceremony.
Ever had that bright spark in the wee hours of the morning and wished you could get right down to turning that design into a reality (albeit in a prototype form) but lacked the tools or CAD/CAM, CNC or even 3D printing knowledge?

Well, you can now kiss your evening lazing habits goodbye as Fabbritory will typically be open for business from 11am in the morning to past the typical office hours at 7pm just to cater to this segment of people - students, hobbyist, designers and basically just about anyone who wants to make stuff!

Who is Fabbritory and what do they do?

Fabbritory is an open workshop where walk-in customers or members can use the shop's machines and tools to create prototypes, products, furniture or just about anything you can think of - from CNC-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle to laser-etched personalised metallic namecards and everything in-between. 

Headed by its founder and head fabricator, Izlina Ismail has previously worked as a designer in Milan. When she finally decided to move back to Malaysia, she found it cumbersome to work as there's no workshops with designing facilities around. So long story short, Izlina decided to fill in the void and open Fabbritory.

"We work with students, hobbyist, designers, basically anyone who wants to fabricate their own product. We aim to educate everyone on the art of making things with digital fabrication machines and conventional hand tools," explains Izlina.

So where does a four decade-old hardware vendor fit into this equation? 

CT Hardware has agreed to complete the jigsaw of tools that Fabbritory is missing. As a hardware vendor, CT Hardware believes that idea of a great nation isn't always seen in the wealth of the country but rather in the richness of its people and how they bring value to their community or country by imparting a better idea for the betterment of its people.

While the secondary school syllabus has imparted some basic tool usage, technology has marched on leaving students without the necessary skillset for them to express themselves creatively in this day and age.

CT Hardware envisions a Malaysia where every Malaysian is able to apply themselves in order to fix a problem rather than merely throwing money at a problem. By partnering with Fabbritory, CT Hardware hopes the CT Hardware-Fabbritory partnership would be the first step in the furtherance of the nation.

We'll keep you posted on future CT Hardware - Fabbritory partnership. Until then, you can checkout Fabbritory by following them on their Instagram account.