At CT Hardware we always like to stress the importance of safety when working with power tools. After all, a trip to the emergency room halfway through your project is no fun and we'd rather spend on more tools and accessories than medical bills - which is why we're introducing the CT Hardware Safety First Starter Kit.

The unfortunate truth with the hardware industry is that its often associated with tough, burly men with ripping muscles that are so tough, they don't need any protection - reality is that 'muscles' don't work in the real world and would rather feed on six tiny meals a day, sip on protein shakes and hit the air-conditioned gym than work under the hot sun.

We understand that real men however need to work day in and day out to make an honest living and can't afford being out of action due to work-related accidents. Even if you're a hobbyist working in your garage, it's really going to suck if you have to deal with a flying shrapnel from your angle grinder that decided it'd like to go bouncing off a hard surface before poking you in the eye - depending on how fast your eyelids close versus the flying shrapnel's velocity, it could be either a minor annoyance to something that is enough to put a damper to your entire day, weekend or in the worst-case scenario, for life!
As the saying goes, better be safe than sorry, so gear up; the CT Hardware Safety First Starter kit consists of a 3M 9010V respirator mask, a pair of 3M 1292 Ear Plugs, 3M SF201AF SecureFit Protective Eyewear and a pair of 3M Comfort Grip gloves for RM39.90 purchase with purchase (PWP) of any power tool on Just be sure to select the "CT Hardware Safety Kit Bundle +MYR39.90" from the drop-down list before you add your power tool purchase to cart.

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