With the 'Performance Driven' tagline as the motto for the Grundfos Expo 2017, the event kicked off on a wet and gloomy morning with both Grundfos Asia Pacific Group Senior Vice President, Okay Barutçu and Regional Area Managing Director, Leong Chee Khuan making a grand entrance on the back of two BMW S1000RRs sportbikes right to the stage floor.

Why SIC?

The choice of hosting the expo at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is two-fold as the pit and external floor space allows for ample room for Grundfos to showcase their full range of Grundfos products from its familiar domestic booster pump series right up to their industrial and flood control solutions to guests and business partners from around the Asia Pacific region.



Barutçu even joked that since SIC was well out of the city, there's also no where else for everyone to go. However guest were mostly kept entertained through the many interesting exhibits and interesting games that showcases Grundfos' solutions, and since everyone is in SIC, guests were also given a passport upon registration, with a questionnaire on each tear-off page, where they can fill and drop off in the lucky draw box to win a change to be 'driven' around the 5.543km Sepang circuit in one of three Toyota GT-86 at the track.



Guests can also keep track of the on-goings via the Grundfos Expo 2017 app, an Android or iPhone app created just for the event - there's also free wireless hotspots around the venue so everyone is well connected even if you don't have data roaming - very high-tech indeed.


What else is going on?



Eight of the SIC pits were essentially converted into closed, air-conditioned rooms to showcase Grundfos' water utility, industrial, domestic building services and commercial building services while Grundfos' future access and services is at the Paddock Club on the first floor.


Apart from the local 'nasi lemak and teh tarik' spread during breakfast, guest were also given RM60 coupon voucher to purchase lunch and snacks at the food trucks just outside the pits and stretches all the way to the entrance. Grundfos also left nothing to chance with emergency response services at the ready next to the pits.


How hard is it to install a pump? Hooking up and powering a SCALA2.




Grundfos also showcased just how easy it is to install a SCALA2 through the SCALA2 Installer Championship. Even while taking her time, CT Hardware's General Manager, Madam Wong, took just under a couple of minutes to hook up the SCALA2 up and get it up and running. Right outside the pits, there's even a SCALA2 taking a shower (yes, it's also completely sealed) while Grundfos also displayed half a SCALA2 just to showcase the inner workings of the pump (insert 50% off SCALA2 joke here).



Grundfos also featured their SOLOLIFT2 solution which collects wastewater from toilets or bathrooms and pumps it through a thin pipe to a collecting pipe. The SOLOLIFT2 allows the installation of a toilet or bathroom even when there is no traditional gravity drain pipe and is commonly employed at smaller studio apartments.

Pedal power.


The Energy Bike was one of the more fun ones where guests are invited to pedal-power a mountain bike strapped to a generator to power a Grundfos SQF pump to shoot a gush of water up an acrylic tube. Get it there and you win a Grundfos towel.



We figured since it required more revolutions than outright torque, we started pedalling at mid gear just to get the generator going and quickly worked our way up to max speed with a quick burst speed to get the pump gush out the tube - it was tough but plenty fun! If we had to do this before taking a shower every day, obesity would be a thing of the past in Malaysia.



If you think that's all too tiring, there's a wind-turbine showcasing the types of other renewable energy solutions that can power the SQF submersible pumps.


Dinosaurs and gigantic pumps.

When not fighting off the competition, our Managing Director, Seen Chia Toong, is fighting off virtual velociraptors!

When not fighting off the competition, our Managing Director, Seen Chia Toong, is fighting off virtual velociraptors!


Grundfos' virtual tour showcases their industrial and commercial pump offerings in a whole new light as guest can do a virtual walk-around the pumps and even pick specification sheets right out of the air (yes, quite literally). We also got to either go underwater, enjoy the view from the top of the Empire State building and even shoot some killer velociraptors along the way. You could also virtually stop leaks via a hand gestures game.


It's not what you think, Executive Director, Head of Key Accounts, Alex Seen is fighting virtual leaks, not doing tai-chi!


Executive Director, Head of Key Accounts, Alex Seen is fighting virtual leaks, not doing tai-chi!


Whether it's a real-life leak or a virtual in-game leak, it's only natural that Executive Director, Head of Service Centre, Seen Chia Leong, would ace it!



Grundfos also showcased their Selcoperm electroclorination systems (dressed with blue LEDs on display, it look like a Sci-Fi movie prop) and dosing pumps. The system essentially produces a hypochlorite solution from table salt aka sodium chloride (NaCl) using electricity via electrolysis - it's a bigger scale of what many of us played with back in school during chemistry class. The Selcoperm also works with Grundfos' dosing pumps that doses the chlorine into water to be treated while the hydrogen generated from the electrolysis is vented out to the environment via an exhaust fan.


Grundfos also hosted a forum on Flood control in Southeast Asia as well as two technical seminars held at the paddock club on the first floor (which were occasionally intruded by the sound of one of two track-modified GT-86 going flat-out at the back straight).


Despite the mundane nature of water pumps, Grundfos really made it a fun day out for everyone involved - we look forward to attending Grundfos' upcoming expo in the near future!