Fabbritory recently hosted its open day for the Fabbritory team to introduce themselves to the public as well as for guests and potential business clients to discover the possibilities of designing something themselves or have it designed for them based on their specifications.

Tagged as an open, collaborative small-scale workshop, Fabbritory's Founder and Head Fabricator, Izlina Ismail explains that Fabbritory's primary goal is to educate and offer guidance for hobbyist as well as student designers to imagine, design and create.

Despite that, the team at Fabbritory have mostly been kept busy with designs and consultation work from companies that would rather just sub-out the work. The most recent projects, also on display, is a low-poly gold-mirror tiger sculpture for a client in the F&B industry.

Despite the intricacies of the design, Izlina explains that the whole fabrication process proved to be quite interesting as it involves quite a few processes, including 3D-printed paws with integrated ceiling/wall hooks, and proved to be a very educational design work for the entire Fabbritory team.

She added that the team at Fabbritory would also point out and offer advice on potential hiccups with a client's design blueprint prior to it being sent for final production by small-scale manufacturers. "Having a keen eye to spot errors in the design can potentially save the client from manufacturing costly paperweights," said Izlina.

Fabbritory's Founder and Head Fabricator, Izlina Ismail explaining the functions of each equipment at Fabbritory during the tour to CT Hardware Sdn Bhd's Managing Director, Seen Chia Toong and Executive Director, Head of Key Accounts, Alex Seen.