Bosch recently expanded on its 12V cordless platform with a drill-driver featuring the Bosch Flexi-Click system GSR 12V-15 FC Professional that offers an angled and off-set 1/4-inch (6.35mm) hex attachments and a 10mm keyless drill chuck to get into spaces that regular power tools just can't reach.

What makes it so special?

The GSR 12V-15 FC comes complete in a kit with the Flexi-Click 1/4" Hex Bit Holder, Flexi-Click Offset Angle Attachment, the Flexi-Click Right Angle and the FlexiClick 3-Jaw Chuck. Coupled with the Flexi-Click Offset Angle and Flexi-Click Right Angle attachments, the GSR 12V-15 FC allows for a total of 16-steps or 22.5-degrees angle rotation around the drill-driver body offering the ideal grip position for tightening, loosening fasteners or drilling holes.

As the attachments are modular, there are also plans to further expand on this platform further down the road. Like the GSR 12V, the GSR 12V-15 FC also feature a 3-LED battery charge level indicator and a 20-torque settings with a drill selector.

While it may not seem apparent for the casual home-user fastening several screws to build a cabinet, we feel that the GSR 12V-15 FC would also offers better ergonomics and particularly, greater comfort for long-hours of usage when it comes to fastening the same off-angled fasteners over and over again throughout the entire work day.

How does it perform?

During our test, we found that the GSR 12V-15 FC has more than enough torque to tighten or loosen odd-angle self-tapping screws in wooden furnitures and around the household but struggles to unfasten even a hand-tightened 8mm bolt (via a Horusdy SDY-94116 1/4-inch hex to 1/4-inch square adaptor, tested in both low and high output with the Offset Angle attachment and again with a direct drive) in an aluminium engine case.

Obviously, the more attachments you add, the more friction the tool has to overcome. The Flexi-Click Offset Angle attachment for example, seems to have more friction than the 90-degrees and Flexi-Click Right Angle attachment due to the nature of the internal gearings. This should have less resistance once the adaptors gets a few more hours of usage and breaks-in.

Despite the GSR 12V-15 FC's shortcomings when it comes to higher torque fasteners, we aren't ruling it out from any mechanical work as we do like the fact that we could use the GSR 12V-15 FC to quickly fasten a work piece (by setting at roughly half the torque setting) and then manually torque it down by either hand or properly with a calibrated torque wrench to manufacturer's specifications.

Final words.

Considering the fact that the GSR 12V-15 FC is more than twice the price of the Bosch GSR 120-LI Professional set at RM770, we feel that the asking price is somewhat steep unless your daily job requires a specialised tool of this nature.