The bigger brother to the GSB 120-LI Professional.
"More torque, bigger chuck and the ability to use your existing Bosch 18V lithium batteries.." would typically be the one-liner sales pitch if a customer were to ask the difference between the Bosch GSB 180-LI and the smaller GSB 120-LI.

The smaller Bosch GSB 120-LI Professional is one of our best-selling cordless impact drill simply because it's well-priced, lightweight and extremely versatile. From tightening a variety of smaller nuts and bolts on a car to drilling holes in walls, the GSB 120-LI does it all.

The only downside to the GSB 120-LI is the lower torque output and smaller 10mm chuck size which limits the size of bits, and subsequently, the type of tasks it can perform. Furthermore, if you are already using an existing set of Bosch 18V cordless tools, that's another set of 12V batteries and charger to worry about. This is where the Bosch GSB 180-LI comes in.

Bigger and more powerful.
Compared to the GSB 120-LI, the new GSB 180-LI is slightly bulkier dimensions due to the bigger chuck, motor and the larger shape of the 18V battery. The GSB 180-LI we tested comes in a kit form bundled together with two 1.5Ah lithium batteries, a charger and a carrying case.

Going from 10.8V/12V to 18V means going from a three cell (3-series) battery pack to a five cell (5-series) pack. While the battery pack is bigger, it also means there's higher energy density which roughly equates to more torque which gets more job done and done faster!

If you find yourself needing more torque, longer runtime and already have some Bosch 18V tools around, then it's safe to say the GSB 180-LI is a perfect upgrade for you. While you can basically upgrade your 12V 1.5Ah battery pack to a 4.0Ah unit for longer runtime, you would still be loosing out on the extra torque and bigger chuck that the GSB 180-LI gets you.

Get more done - faster!
The bigger chuck coupled with the higher 54Nm/21Nm torque output (almost doubling the GSB 120-LI's torque output) means that the GSB 180-LI is able to accomplish a whole lot more such as drilling with a 8mm bit in masonry, 10mm bit in steel and up to 35mm bit in wood.

Bigger also means heavier.
The bigger 13mm chuck and motor would obviously be heavier with the GSB 180-LI weighing in at a claimed 1.5kg versus the GSB 120-LI under 1kg. While half a kilogramme doesn't sound like much, the added weight and size (of the base and bigger battery) could possibly be a deterrent if you work with your impact drill daily and in cramped spaces which would not be a problem for the GSB 120-LI.

Smooth operation.
However, if you're coming from an older or a generic-brand cordless impact drill, the most obvious thing that you would notice is the GSB 180-LI's weight.. Or lack of it. The other is the smoothness of the GSB 180-LI while in operation.

Speaking of smooth, we also found the 20+2 preset clutch to be exceptionally slick during operation. The clutch, when properly used, allows you to fasten a bolt or self-tapping screw without stripping the threads or work piece - all without having to rely on fancy electronics!

Amazing value for money!
In a bid to keep cost down, Bosch paired the GSB 180-LI kit with two 1.5Ah 18V batteries, the AL 1814 CV charger and a carrying case. While we wished the set came with higher amp-hour packs, the upside of a 1.5Ah battery pack is that it's lighter, more compact and more than adequate for the GSB 180-LI in almost all the task it was designed for and for that, we feel the GSB 180-LI set, at a RRP of RM549, represent an amazing value for the money if you're in the market for a cordless impact-drill with a 13mm chuck!