You probably wouldn't have guessed that Black & Decker has been selling handheld vacuum cleaners for almost four decades now with the introduction of their Dustbuster back in January, 1979. The original Dustbuster sold well over a million unit in its first year. So popular, it's even featured in Back To The Future!

Despite the dozen of copycat hand-held vacuums that flooded the market, Black & Decker is still making the Dustbuster albeit in a more modern design with a more powerful motor and a lithium battery pack instead of the original Dustbuster's rechargeable nickel cadmium (NiCad) developed by General Electric (GE). Ironically, the world's lithium cobalt oxide battery was first demonstrated by inventor Professor Goodenough in the same year the original Dustbuster was introduced.

While the WD7201G may look unassuming, the body houses a more powerful motor than your average handheld vacuum cleaner, thanks in part to its 7.2V lithium-ion battery pack, and represents the cumulation of what Black & Decker has learnt in almost 40 years in making a cordless hand-held vacuum.

Equipped with a washable high-density foam filter insert and deflector housed inside a specially designed dust bowl, the WD7210G is capable of cleaning up dried crumbs or even vacuum up spilled drinks making it an indispensable tool to have around the livingroom or in your car, especially if you have kids. For trivia lovers, Black & Decker started selling wet & dry handheld vacuum cleaners almost two decades ago with the Spillbuster 2000 launched in 1998.

The WD7201G ships with built-in lithium-ion batteries, a wall-mountable charging cradle for at-the-ready convenience and comes complete with a squeege, brush and crevice tool for vacumming spills on hard surfaces, furnitures and confined spaces.

The Black & Decker WD7210G is available exclusively through CT Hardware @ Lazada Store for RM159.00 and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.