Cordless rotary power tools come in many shapes, voltages and sizes. From the basic 3.6V to 7.2V cordless screwdrivers all the way to the 18V and 36V rotary hammers. Typically, the more torque output a tool produces, the more job gets done ..and done faster. They also tend to come with a hefty price-tag.

Higher torque output also means heavier and bulkier tools, and while some have mechanical clutches that limit the torque past a certain range, there's always the possibility of literally screwing things up - like stripping the threads off your computer case or self-assemble furnitures!

That's where the Black & Decker Roto-Bit CS36BS storage screwdriver comes in, small and light enough to fit comfortably in your hands and tight spaces while equally light on your wallet. The Roto-Bit is also equipped with an additional rotary barrel bit holder storage area and magnetic screw holder built right into the tool itself, hence the 'storage screwdriver' naming convention.

The Roto-Bit also includes 8 bits from the less-common Torx T10, T20 bits and #1 and #2 square bits to the more common flat #4, Philips #0 and #2 screwdriver as well as a 4mm hex bit. While the Roto-Bit was designed primarily as a screwdriver, with a suitable hex-shank drill bit, the Roto-Bit with its variable 180rpm output, is powerful enough to cope with drilling hardwood. As with the standard in cordless power tools today, an LED lamp ensures your work area is well lit.

The Roto-Bit charges up with a plug-in power adaptor. Black & Decker also claims that the lithium-ion battery inside the Roto-Bit can easily hold a charge up to 18-months, allowing for convenient storage inside the kitchen drawer and ready for action when the need arises.

The Roto-Bit available exclusively through CT Hardware @ Lazada for RM135.00 and comes with a one-year warranty.