With manufacturers posting bigger torque numbers with every new iteration or battery platform for their cordless impact wrenches and with steadily falling prices (case in point, the latest Bosch GDS 250-LI Professional 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench, rated at 250Nm with a max no-load speed of 2,400rpm, is only RM619 RRP and comes complete with two 3.0Ah batteries and a charger), the question is, can you finally replace your pneumatic wrenches with cordless ones?

We would also like to point out that as of this posting, pneumatic impact wrenches and air compressors, especially Chinese or Taiwanese brands, can however still comfortably fit within that RM600 budget and offer similar or even bigger torque numbers. However, unllike cordless, you're still tethered to the air compressor via the air lines. This YouTube link details the pros and cons of each platform.