CT is bringing Nippon Paints - The Coating's Expert for your painting solutions.

Choosing just the right colour palette for your home can be a difficult decision. It's a fresh new start. With a complete range from the Home/DIY department, Nippon Paint helps you take the first step towards this new beginning.

With Nippon Paint, you get the largest range of paints for just the right expression and purpose. This range spans across base-coats and top-coats for interior and exterior walls, wood, metal surfaces, roofs, as well as paints for special finishes and effects.

Developed with innovative technologies, our Odour-less family of products caters to consumer needs with its state of the art IPS+Odour-less platform. Using selected materials and stringent production processes, our Odour-less products not only minimizes paint odours, but also shortens the duration of odour emission.

The Solar Reflective Paint Coating reduces surface temperature by up to 5°C. The Weatherbond Exterior Paint protects walls against the harshest corrosive materials keeping your walls looking as new as the day they were painted.

No matter what special treatment or effects you are looking for, Nippon Paint provides you the richest colour selections, catering to each and every need with the most suitable solutions.